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A Cheatham County sheriff’s deputy who was recently fired for an off-duty assault allegation was also named in a civil lawsuit for using “excessive force” in August 2018, according to federal court records.

The lawsuit, which was filed Feb. 16, names former Deputy Sgt. Doug Fox, Deputy Chris Austin and Sheriff Mike Breedlove as defendants. The lawsuit claims that Fox “recklessly” shot into a Chapmansboro home when responding to a series of 911 “hang-up calls.”

Fox and Austin were responding to the calls, which were in the area of Mosley Ferry Road, when they knocked on Mark Campbell’s door, according to the incident report, which is included in the lawsuit.

While the incident report states that the calls were traced to Campbell’s home, the lawsuit states that the two cell towers which serviced the 911 calls were about six miles away.

When officers knocked on the door without identifying themselves as deputies, Campbell asked “Do you have a gun?” according to the lawsuit. When deputies asked him to come outside, Campbell said “I’ve got one too.”

“Fox unholstered his weapon ... stated ‘Do what, Mark?’ and immediately fired two rounds into the front of the Plaintiff’s home,” according to the lawsuit.

Fox fired eight rounds into the home after Campbell opened the door with something in his hand that Fox believed was a handgun, according to the incident report. When deputies later searched Campbell’s home, no guns were found.

The lawsuit states that Fox used “excessive force” when he fired the rounds into Campbell’s home. It also states that Austin “failed to protect” by not intervening when Fox pulled out his gun.

In addition, the lawsuit claims that Breedlove, the sheriff’s office and the county government are also accountable because they failed to train, supervise or discipline the deputies.

“The Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department has inadequately trained and/or disciplined its employees in the proper use of deadly force,” according to the lawsuit.

The suit requests that Mark and his wife, Sherrie Campbell, be awarded punitive damages “for their physical and mental pain,” according to the lawsuit.

Fox was recently fired by the sheriff’s office for an unrelated incident that took place at a Topgolf facility in Nashville while he was off-duty.

No charges have been filed against Fox or two other former Cheatham County law enforcement officers accused in the incident. Metro Nashville Police Department’s investigation is ongoing and the Davidson County district attorney is reviewing the incident, MNPD spokesperson Don Aaron said.

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