Ashland City Fitness gym - ONLINE ONLY

ASHLAND CITY – Kip Stratton, the owner of Ashland City Fitness, has opened his workout facility to local athletes to use during the summer. He’s been doing so for six years, ever since he opened his facility in Ashland City.

“I try to support all of the teams,” said Stratton, who is considering opening a gym in Pleasant View. “These kids are important to me and the gym. It’s a good thing for the county as well. All the kids come in and I want to help them be better athletes, they’re all good kids.”

Stratton has owned and managed this gym for the last six years after moving from a different location, where he was owner and manager there as well. He was only at the last location for a year and a half after buying the business from his friend, Mike Gibbs.

“I bought it from Mike and went on from there,” Stratton said. “I’ve enjoyed it ever since and what else can I do at my age of 66 years old and enjoy what I do. We’ve got 600 members and they’re all like family. It’s a nice family gym basically.”

Being a local, small-town business has been one of the joys for Stratton. He knows most of his customers by first name.

“My family has been here (Cheatham County) all of my life,” Stratton said. “Our customers enjoy the atmosphere here, and of course we keep everything clean. I have two clean-up crews come in and keep it spotless. Everything in here in new, all the equipment is new and like I said, I’ve got 600 members so they must like something about it.”

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